3 Telltale Signs That You Need To Visit An Ophthalmologist For Pink Or Red Eyes

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There are different types of eye infections. Some of them such as pink eye are more obvious than others. This condition is identifiable by red or pink-looking eyes. Some individuals may have red or pink eyes due to things other than infection. This is why it is important to get a diagnosis especially if the issue affects a child or individual who cannot explain how their eyes feel. Infectious pink eye is contagious. It can spread from one eye to the other, and it can be transmitted to others. Getting a diagnosis can prevent the spread to others because individuals can quarantine themselves or their children until the condition clears. The following points identify a few signs of infectious pink eye that may lead you to visit an ophthalmology specialist.

Eye Discharge

One of the most noticeable signs of pink eye is watery eyes. The individual might notice that their eye(s) continuously leak tears. The watery effect might contain pus. Individuals may also notice that when they awake their eyelids are stuck. Warm compresses can release the matted eyelids. Baby shampoos are designed to be gentle and not cause stinging if they get into the eyes. So, extreme cases of matting can be relieved by using a small amount of baby shampoo to cleanse the eye(s). 

Eye Burning Sensation

Some individuals with pink eye experience a sensation that feels like their eyes are burning. Children that cannot explain the sensation might repeatedly rub their eyes. This is a telltale sign if they are not old enough to talk. Older children might rub their eyes and complain that their eyes are hurting. Most adults can effectively explain the burning, which can be temporarily relieved with eye drops or cold compresses. It is important to note that over-the-counter eye drops are not designed to clear up an infection, but an ophthalmologist can prescribe antibacterial eye drops to clear infections

Eye Itching

Itchy eyes are also very common with infectious pink eyes. This can lead to rubbing the eyes frequently, which can cause more irritation. It may even lead to damage to the sclera. 

An ophthalmologist is a good resource to use to identify the cause of red or pink eyes. If it is infectious, they can prescribe medications to clear the infection. Medications might also be needed for red or pink eyes caused by allergies. Some individuals may experience this due to eye strain from doing activities such as looking at a computer screen for long periods of time. Ophthalmologists can recommend activities to reduce strain such as taking breaks. They may also recommend computer glasses.


22 April 2022

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