4 Bizarre Products People Use To Slow Down The Effects Of Aging


Your skin is one of the organs that show your age best. If you have lusterless and wrinkled skin, then you look aged even if you are young. This is one of the reasons people have always looked for unique products to get rid of their symptoms of aging. Here are four bizarre skin care products that some people are using to maintain their younger-looking skins: Poisonous Bacterium Botox is used to slow down the symptoms of aging by ironing out facial wrinkle lines.

31 December 2014

Five Things That Can Improve Your Health After An Osteoporosis Diagnosis

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For more than 44 million Americans, osteoporosis -- a disease that causes bone loss, leading to fractures -- is a reality. In most cases, there are no symptoms until a fracture happens. Affecting twice as many women as men, osteoporosis happens because of some or all of the following: Age. The body stops building as much new bone after age 35, and the older you are, the less bone mass you're likely to have.

30 December 2014