Why Does Your Doctor Want To Give You A Drug Combination Product?

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You might need to take a lot of drugs every day if you have a long-term condition or a mix of different health problems. Sometimes, you can switch from relying on multiple medications to taking a single drug combination product. If your doctor recommends this route, then read on to learn more about combination products and their benefits.

What Are Drug Combination Products?

Drug combination products streamline medication delivery processes. This can work in a few different ways.

At the simplest level, a combination product might bundle two different drugs together in one pill. Or, it might incorporate a medication in an automatic delivery system.

For example, combination products can include patches which are impregnated with a specific medication or drug mix. Or, they might come as a syringe, inhaler, or injection pen, which contain a set dose of a medication.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Drug Combination Product?

If you have to take a lot of medications every day, then you might find this a time-consuming process. You have to remember which drugs to take at which time. Some of your medications might need to be taken on an empty stomach, while you might need to take others before or after food.

Plus, you might have to schedule your pills carefully to avoid interactions between some meds. You might need to measure out dosages carefully, like for people who inject insulin at home to control diabetes.

If you can switch some or all of your medications to a combined product, then your home medical management gets a lot easier. You get an easy way to organize your medication schedule.

For example, if you can combine two medications in one pill, then you reduce the number of pills you have to take every day. If you can use a pre-loaded insulin injector pen, then your diabetes becomes easier to manage.

Combined products can also help you manage your medical problems more effectively. You might be able to use stronger medications at home. For example, if you are in a lot of pain, then your doctor might not be able to give you strong enough pain meds to keep you comfortable all the time.

If you can switch to a combination patch or pain medication product, then you might be able to use stronger painkillers at home. These patches also often give you slow release benefits by feeding a steady supply of drugs into your system.

To find out more about suitable drug combination products, talk to your doctor.


23 February 2022

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