Why You Should Choose A Locum Tenens Doctor And How To Find A Match

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If you own a private practice and one of your primary physicians will be moving or taking a temporary leave of absence, you may be trying to configure a new scheduling setup that will allow all of your current patients to be seen. One way to fill the void on a short-term basis is by hiring a locum tenens physician.

How A Locum Tenens Physician Can Benefit You

A locum tenens physician is someone who fills a spot on a temporary basis. Vascular neurologists, surgeons, cardiologists, and any other specialized type of doctor may serve as a locum tenens physician. General practitioners may also take on the role of a locum tenens physician.

The recruitment process can be tedious and some doctors who are suitable for a job may need to relocate to the region where they are being hired. Because finding, hiring, and training a permanent doctor could take some time, using a matching service that recruits physicians on a temporary basis may be a better choice for you.

A service that matches locum tenens physicians with medical business owners will supply a list of candidates who are qualified for the job that needs to be filled and who are ready to begin working immediately.

What You Can Do To Prepare 

Outline the type of job that needs to be filled and a list of the duties that the employee who will be leaving is currently responsible for. Likewise, preparing a proposal that includes the duties and the hours that need to be satisfied will help you narrow down your search.

Some physicians tend to work long hours or are willing to see patients outside of working hours if an emergency situation arises. If long hours are expected of your employees, you should be clear about this in your proposal. This will eliminate frustrations on your end and on the end of the physician who you choose to hire. Interview each potential candidate in person.

Before your locum tenens physician takes an active role within your facility, have them tour the medical practice and meet other staff members and patients. During the first couple days that the locum tenens physician is working for you, pair them up with another employee.

By working alongside another doctor, the locum tenens physician will learn how things are handled at your practice. After the new doctor has worked for a few days, request feedback from your employees and patients to determine how everyone has adjusted to dealing with the temporary physician. Contact a company that works with locum tenens stroke doctors for more information. 


21 July 2021

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