Signs You Need Root Canal Treatment

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A rotting tooth can result in severe pain, foul odors emanating from your mouth, and tooth loss. And losing a tooth may leave gaps, making you uncomfortable when smiling or speaking to people. In return, you may develop low self-esteem. Therefore, maintaining proper dental health is essential. Nonetheless, teeth are prone to rotting because the food people eat contains sugars that promote the thriving of bacteria. Fortunately, a root canal can preserve your dental formula if you catch rotting problems early. This procedure is popular, and you should consider the procedure if you're dealing with rotten teeth. When you notice the following indicators, know that you need to get a root canal.


If you're experiencing constant pain in your teeth, perhaps you require a root canal. Nonetheless, note that the pain can be due to other issues such as cavities, gum infections, or broken fillings. Therefore, you should have your dentist investigate the exact tooth problem. If your pulp, which has nerve endings and blood veins, has an infection, your dentist may recommend a root canal procedure. During the process, the dentist removes the pulp then cleans the inside of the tooth. This procedure ends with the sealing of the tooth.

Tooth Sensitivity

If your teeth ache upon taking a hot beverage like coffee or a cold beverage such as iced tea, that's a dangerous sign. The sensitivity may indicate that the enamel has cracks that expose the nerves. Sometimes, the pain could be sharp, resulting in chewing problems. If this is the case, go for a check-up instantly since what begins as light pain may intensify. If your dentist discovers that your teeth are badly rotten, the dentist will probably recommend a root canal to get rid of the sensitivity problem permanently.

Tooth Discoloration

A pulp infection can cause your teeth to change color. The impact of tooth trauma could manifest as tissue decay or root infection, resulting in grayish-black coloration. You may easily notice the color change at the tooth's front. However, other tooth problems may cause the color to change color from white to a dark tint. For example, the enamel may stain from the food and beverages you take. Hence, your dental expert needs to determine whether there's damage to your tooth's pulp. If so, you'll probably get root canal treatment.

Indicators of root canal therapy include sensitivity, discoloration, and aches. Consider undertaking root canal treatment to restore your teeth health.


19 May 2021

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