Does Your Husband Want Smoother Skin But Fears Looking Fake? 3 Things To Know About Dermal Fillers For Men

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In recent years, cosmetic enhancements have made big news as more celebrities show off their plump lips and lovely cheeks all across social media. While seeing the latest celebrity look is always fun, this trend has made some men nervous about what using dermal fillers to enhance their appearance might mean. Naturally, your husband may fear looking like an overdone celebrity when they prefer a more subtle and natural appearance. Now that he's expressed an interest in erasing fine lines and wrinkles on his face, you can use the tips to help him feel more confident about trying a new procedure.

1. Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Your husband does not have to go all out the first time. Instead, he can choose to just have one small area of his face treated. For instance, he may want to eliminate those furrows between his brows, or he may have a few unwanted laugh lines around his smile. Filling in these areas and leaving the rest of his face alone can make a dramatic difference in his overall appearance, and leaving a few wrinkles makes it less obvious that he's had a treatment done.

2. Starting Early Is Better

Men often put off going for cosmetic enhancements until the problem is already severe. However, younger men are starting to use fillers to fill in small lines before they become noticeable. Starting this process early also helps to plump up the skin so that new wrinkles are less likely to form. While it can't completely stop the aging process, using injectables before it hits full swing preserves your husband's youthful appearance so that he is less likely to require more intensive treatments such as a facelift in the future.

3. The Downtime Is Minimal

Dermal fillers are not the same as other types of treatments that require weeks of recovery. Instead, most people only experience a small amount of redness or swelling at the injection site that dissipates over the course of a couple of hours. In fact, your husband could squeeze in a treatment during his lunch break and get back to work with no one even noticing. When you factor in that the treatments are done in minutes but last several months, the payoff is definitely worth the short amount of effort it takes to go to an appointment.

It is normal for your husband to be apprehensive about filling in those fine lines and wrinkles when the only example he's seen is an overdone celebrity on TV. Fortunately, you can ease his worries and help him feel comfortable about trying this new procedure so that he starts to love how he looks in the mirror.


11 February 2019

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