Debunking Hearing Loss Myths

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Without a strong sense of hearing, you can find communicating with other difficult, and you might also be at a higher risk of being involved in an accident due to being unable to hear things around you. When a person is starting to suffer from hearing loss, dispelling common misconceptions and myths will be essential to ensure proper hearing loss treatment.

Myth: Hearing Loss Only Occurs From Hearing Loud Sounds

While listening to sounds that are extremely loud can be a primary cause of hearing loss, it is far from the only potential reason for a patient to suffer this problem. Some individuals will simply have a family history of hearing loss that makes them more likely to experience this issue. Also, there are many diseases and injuries that can impact the ears, which can result in scar tissue that may inhibit your hearing.

Myth: Surgery Is A Common Option For Correcting Hearing Loss

Patients suffering from hearing loss will often want to avoid using a hearing aid, and this can lead them to assume that surgery will be an option. While there are some types of hearing loss that can be corrected through surgery, the majority cannot be corrected with these procedures. Rather, hearing aids are usually the most viable solution for correcting routine hearing loss.

Myth: Hearing Aid Batteries Have Short Lifespans

Hearing aids have undergone major advances since they were first introduced to hearing loss patients, and improvements in energy efficiency and battery storage have help to greatly extend the ability of hearing aid batteries to hold their charges. For most individuals that use modern hearing aids, the batteries can easily last for several days before requiring a recharge. However, patients are advised to charge their hearing aids at the end of each day to avoid being at work or away from your home and having the hearing aid battery fail. If you find that your hearing aid is starting to lose its charge fairly soon, it is likely time to have the battery replaced.

Myth: It Is Difficult To Get The Volume Right For The Hearing Aid

When you are fitted with a hearing aid, the technician will work to identify the amount of amplification that you need to be able to hear clearly. This calibration will help you to avoid situations where you are needing to regularly adjust the volume. In fact, most hearing aid providers discourage individuals from adjusting the volume of their hearing aids without professional help. Otherwise, it could be easy to set the hearing aid loud enough to be uncomfortable to wear or too low to allow for you to hear clearly.


18 October 2018

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