Visit A Knee Care Specialist If You Can'T Perform These Range-Of-Motion Tests

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Knee pain is something that bothers many people by limiting their ability to exercise, walk, and even stand without discomfort. It's important for you to realize that suffering from chronic knee pain isn't necessary. If knee pain is part of your life, you can get help from a knee care specialist. One way to assess whether you need help with your knees is to check your range of motion. There are several simple tests that you can perform on your own, and any challenges that you experience should suggest that it's time to see medical attention. Here are three range-of-motion tests to try.

Bend Your Legs Fully

Your legs should be able to bend fully without causing you pain in the knee. One way that you can assess this range of motion is to sit on a chair or couch with one leg elevated, and attempt to pull your heel in toward your buttocks. You can even use your hands, positioned just below your knee, to help pull the lower leg toward your body. You should be able to feel that you leg can't bend any farther; if you notice that pain prohibits you from going all the way with either leg, it's a sign that your range of motion is compromised.

Straighten Your Legs

Some people find it challenging to straighten either leg fully because of knee pain. While standing, such individuals may often adopt a slightly bent-knee stance to keep this pain at bay. You can assess this range of motion by sitting on the floor and stretching out one leg at a time in front of you. Relax and allow the weight of your leg to pull your knee toward the floor. If you experience pain because the leg gets fully straight, your leg isn't moving with the freedom that it should.

Swing Your Legs

Range of motion isn't just about checking the limits of your legs. You should also be able to use them freely without pain. One simple way to check this area is to sit on the edge of a tall chair and allow your legs to swing one at a time. You should be able to swing each leg in a wide arch that extends from the leg being mostly straight to significantly bent — and you shouldn't notice any pain while you do so. If either of your knees fails any of these tests, it's time to see a knee specialist.

Contact a medical provider, such as at Regional Pain Care, for more help.


29 November 2017

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