New MRI-Guided And Focused Ultrasound Techniques Prove To Be Effective In Treating Selected Breast Cancer Patient

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Dedicated scientists have pondered over time and visualized in recent times just how beneficial it would be were surgeons to find a way of removing breast cancer tumors and yet leave your body completely intact. That would be a valuable noninvasive therapeutic treatment, which would prevent infections and scar buildup among other benefits. The time has arrived for just that with MRI-guided technology radiotherapy with compact proton beam therapy. There is also the option for your having breast cancer therapy using magnetic resonance imaging-guided focused ultrasound surgery. So what's the science behind these two guided technology therapeutic approaches that scientists are now raving about after testing the treatments on selected patiens?

MRI-Guided Technology With Proton Beam Therapy

This innovative breast cancer treatment has  proved that it is able to precisely target your cancer tumor and effectively excise it without having to remove unnecessary margins and nodes for further testing following your surgery. Surgeons in the past have always skimmed off margins and nodes and sent them off to labs where testing is done to determine whether the tissues contain cancer cells. It's their way of ensuring whether cancer cells have made it into nodes and margins and perhaps have metastasized to other areas of your body.

Reducing Wide Treatment Margins

This new MRI-guided system drastically reduces the wide amount of treatment margins that were set in the past to determine whether the targeted tumor goes beyond prescribed boundaries when you breathe. Now with the new radiotherapy, if the tumor moves while being targeted, the MRI system will automatically and immediately shut down. When your breast tumor returns to the targeted area, the MRI-guided system resumes its work of treating only the targeted tumor.

Clearer MRI-Guided Treatment Pictures

One of the main assets of MRI-guided treatment is that the pictures are much clearer so that your surgeon can view your internal organs and in this case your breast tumor. So the combination of continuous MRI and proton beam therapy radiation delivery system allows your surgeon to track and note any changes your tumor might make during treatment.

The Focused Ultrasound Treatment Effect

Focused ultrasound treatment (FUS) has the capacity to lethally do substantial damage to your breast cancer tumor. Surgeons were able to perform focused ultrasound treatment without using anesthesia. They managed not to harm surrounding healthy tissue or any systemic effects. This was not always possible with the past method of removing tissue near the tumor site for testing. Guided FUS treatment proves that noninvasive MRI-guided breast cancer tumors can effectively and safely remove your tumor with FUS technology. 

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15 February 2017

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