3 Things You Can Do To Fight A Cold

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Having a cold can be miserable. It can take you away from work, your family duties, and can completely knock you off your feet.  In some cases a cold can last for days, even weeks, without feeling like you are getting any better. This is why it is important as soon as a cold starts to begin caring for your body in a way that encourages healing faster. Here are some things that you should know about caring for your cold.

1. Stimulate The Lymphatic System

It is so important that you get your lymphatic system moving while you are sick. The lymphatic system is in charge of carrying the white blood cells throughout the body. You know when you get a cut and some white fluid comes out? This is what the lymphatic system is responsible for, and this fluid helps to fight infection and keep the germs moving and getting flushed out fo the body.

There are only a few ways you can get the lymph's working the first is to run or do something like jumping jacks. If you can, try to get moving, you can even get on a shaker that shakes the body so that the lymph's are stimulated. However, many people don't feel in the mood to run when they are sick, so instead, you can get a massage. Light touch and massage are another way to get the fluids moving.

2. Drink More Water

Much like getting a massage or running, drinking water can also help to flush out the germs. Your body needs to get rid of all of the infection in your system. The only way to do this is to replace it with other healthier fluids. If you can keep drinking water and pushing the infection out you will get better faster.

3. Eat Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the best ways to fight the bacteria and viruses that cause colds. Although you are flushing out the infection with water, you may need more help in fighting the actual germs. In some cases the bacteria and virus can grow and replicate making it very difficult to fully rid your body of the illness. This is why you might feel better for a day or two, only to have it resurface again. Eating more vitamin c and taking supplements can help to fight the infection so it will be gone once and for all. 

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15 February 2017

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