4 Things Your Dentist Needs You To Know About Sippy Cups

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Is your child using a sippy cup? While they can be useful for many learning to move from a bottle to a cup, they can also damage the teeth. Your dentist wants to make sure your child gets the best start in life when it comes to their teeth, and here are four things he or she wants you to know.

1. Children Constantly Drink

Sippy cups with juice and milk can lead to tooth decay because of the way children will constantly drink from them. As such, their mouths never really get a break from the sugars and acids, unlike they would if they were given drinks at set regular intervals. Water is the best option to have on a constant basis, with milk a better option than fruit juices. My Children's Teeth states that sippy cups can contain something other than water at mealtimes only.

2. Children End Up Sucking

Depending on the type of sippy cup your child has, he or she could end up sucking instead. This is common with those that have valves to prevent any spillages. Children have to suck to get anything out, and it can cause similar problems to bottles. The teeth can pull forward and prevent the mouth from developing properly. One that pours liquid freely is better, as children learn to sip instead of suck.

3. Children Are Predisposed to Obesity

While this is not completely teeth related, dentists do want your children to be healthy. Children drinking from sippy cups are predisposed to adult obesity. They get used to sugary drinks with meals or drinking for comfort when they are stressed. This means more calories drank compared to those burned off throughout the day.

4. Children Get More Sugar and Acid on the Teeth

The way the sippy cups are designed now, the liquid goes past the lips and straight onto the teeth. This means all the acid and sugars within the liquid touch the teeth, rather than bypassing them completely. There is a higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease. This is made even worse with the fact that children tend to continually drink throughout the day.

Sippy cups can be useful for a short period of time, but you need to eventually move on. Your dentist wants you to know just how damaging the cups can be for children and their teeth. Only put water in them, except for mealtimes, and help your child learn to drink from a cup as soon as possible.

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21 July 2016

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