3 Complications Of Diabetes You Shouldn't Ignore

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It's estimated that over 29 million Americans have diabetes. Apart from the primary disease of diabetes, there are several health problems that can occur as a result of having diabetes. Here are 3 complications of diabetes you shouldn't ignore.

1. Foot Sores

Diabetes causes neuropathy, which is a condition where the nerves in the body don't function properly. This leads to nerve damage, which can lessen the sensitivity in your extremities, such as your feet. When your feet are damaged due to ill-fitting shoes, exposure to extreme heat or cold, or injury resulting from stepping on something like a nail or broken glass, you may not be aware of the injury. As a diabetic, you will need to examine all the areas of your feet on a regular basis because you might not feel the pain. If you see anything unusual, such as sores or abrasions, it's wise to consult a podiatrist as soon as possible. They will be able to treat the problem and advise you as to future precautions.

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2. Eyesight Degeneration

For most people with diabetes, eyesight degeneration is not a cause for concern about eventual blindness. With proper detection and treatment, eyesight degeneration from diabetes can be prevented or halted. However, for treatment of eye degeneration complications from diabetes to be effective, any changes in eyesight should be reported to an eye specialist as soon as possible. Since those who have diabetes are 40% more likely to get glaucoma, diabetics should ensure they receive eye exams on a regular basis. The presence of glaucoma can be detected by a non-invasive test at each eye exam.

3. Heart Disease

Patients with diabetes have double the likelihood of having a coronary event than those without diabetes. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you should have your heart monitored for health on a regular basis by a cardiologist. In addition, a physician-approved exercise regimen may increase the strength of the heart muscle. If you have any symptoms such as shortness of breath, severe and sudden pain in the upper torso or neck or sudden light-headedness, seek help immediately, as this could be related to your diabetes or heart.

These three complications of diabetes can be monitored and treated by medical professionals. In general, don't wait for symptoms to appear to get your medical team in place. Be aware of the secondary complications from diabetes and know whom to contact for what condition.


23 May 2016

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