Natural Ways To Reduce The Frequency Of Your Migraines

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The pain of migraines can be debilitating, and living with them on a regular basis can make life difficult. You may already be taking pain medication to combat the pain, but you may wonder if there is anything else you can do to get some relief and lower the frequency of these headaches. Below are some of the natural ways you may be able to cut down on occurrences of migraines.

Start a Food Diary

You might not know this, but some of the foods you eat on a daily basis might be contributing to your migraines. Processed meats and collard greens, for instance, typically contain nitrites that could be a trigger for your headaches. Other foods that some report a problem with include cheese, milk, chocolate and coffee.

Keeping a diary that details the kinds of foods you eat can help you identify which foods may be problematic for you. Once you know which foods contribute to the onset of a migraine, you can eliminate them and hopefully start to experience fewer migraines in the future.

Exercise More Often

It might surprise you to discover that moving around may be able to help you avoid migraines, especially since some people seem to get exertion-type headaches from exercise. However, for people who get migraines, exercise can be a good solution. Even if you can't jump around and run for miles and miles, a brisk walk around the neighborhood may help as well.

If aerobic exercise isn't for you, yoga may also prove to be a helpful option. One study has shown that for people who have migraines without an aura, those who did yoga for three months reported less migraines.


A relaxing way to reduce the amount of migraines you experience is to have regular massage sessions. Not only is massage therapy relaxing, but it is speculated that massages help relieve pain because the process helps to release hormones and block pain centers in the body. A study found that those who got massages reported better improvement of their migraine pain, and there is some research to show that people who have massages have less frequent migraines overall.

If you decide to try massage therapy, be sure to check with your doctor first, as you may have other health conditions where massage may be contraindicated.

Try each of the suggestions above to help you avoid frequent migraine events. To understand more about your migraines and get more possible solutions, see a neurologist. For more information, find out more here


9 May 2016

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