Treatment For Varicose Veins

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Varicose veins are uncomfortable and unattractive. Caused by pressure on the more superficial veins in your legs, they are often made large and purple due to the pooling of blood in your lower extremities. Although both men and women suffer from this affliction, it is most often associated with pregnancy. If you are tired of the look and feel of these veins, you can take action to treat them.

Home Treatment

If your problem isn't too severe, you can attempt to find relief on your own. First, you can purchase compression stockings that keep the blood from pooling in your legs and relieves the discomfort that comes from this swelling. You can also try exercise. Legs with good muscle tone are less likely to develop more varicose veins and the additional muscle support can help those you already have feel better. Losing weight and keeping your legs elevated also remove pressure and relieve varicose vein pain.

Medical Procedures

A variety of medical procedures can help relieve pain and actually remove varicose veins.


In the past, severe varicose veins were treated by a procedure called "stripping" which involved inserting a rod into the vein, capping that rod, and then yanking it back out, tearing out the offending vein. This process is seldom used anymore because a variety of less invasive methods now exist.


A quick and easy solution for many sufferers is laser treatment, from a location like Elite Vein Centers. This procedure is done on an outpatient basis and involves inserting a catheter into the vein. A laser fiber is then put into the catheter and used to heat the vein. This heat causes the vein to collapse and shrink.


Sclerotherapy is a process of injecting a chemical into smaller varicose veins and spider veins. The chemical causes the inside of the veins to scar and close off. Eventually, they should fade away. You have to have a series of these treatments, but they are done in the doctor's office while you stand. 

You can choose to ignore most varicose veins if their appearance does not upset you. However, if your legs develop ulcers or hard spots, you need to seek medical attention. Fortunately, contemporary medicine offers a variety of treatments that can improve your physical appearance while relieving pain and swelling. Although varicose veins are not the most serious ailment you can have, there is no reason to suffer from them if you do not want to.


7 March 2016

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