4 Concerning Signs To Look For In Your Moles

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Many people have moles on their body. In most cases these moles pose no threat to the health of the individual and are merely cosmetic. However, in some cases a mole can be dangerous. A mole can even be the sign of skin cancer. This is why it is so important to watch your moles for any unusual changes and to have the moles looked at often by a medical professional. Here are some alarming attributes of a mole.

1. Weird Shaped

As a general rule moles should be circular. There should even be a ring around the mole that seems to hold in the mole. If there is any bleeding out of that ring, or if the mole begins to change shape and become anything other than a circle, then you need to get it looked at.

2. Asymmetrical

Another important thing to look for is the symmetry of the mole. The mole should look the same on each half. If you cover one half, the other side should practically be a mirror image. If the mole is asymmetrical then it could be a problem. You might notice that it changes in shape, color, or overall appearance from one side to the other. This could be a sign of skin cancer or other diseases.

3. Changing Colors

Your mole should have a healthy red and/or brown color. It should be the same color throughout the entire mole and you shouldn't see any changing colors over time. It is normal to see a little change in color when you are in the sun, but it shouldn't be changing colors throughout the year.

Additionally, if the mole becomes very dark, like a black color, this can be cause for concern. Thus, you should be keeping a close eye on the color. If needed take a picture to compare colors over time.

4. No Border Around The Mole

Lastly, you need to keep a close eye on the border around the mole. It should look like there is a clear border and the mole rises from that border. If the border seems to break in one place and the mole is bleeding out, or isn't raised from the skin, then it could be a sign that the mole is abnormal. If you can't tell if there is a border try rubbing your finger over the area and see if it is raised or clearly defined.

By looking for these signs you can better protect yourself in case something goes wrong. If you find you need mole removal, contact a professional near you to get the mole removed before it becomes a problem. 


2 February 2016

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