Three Ways To Spend Time After Your Massage Appointment

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Regardless of your reason for visiting a massage therapist at a clinic like Health Atlast Fountain Valley, the manner in which you spend the hours that follow the appointment are pivotal. The right aftercare can help continue the good work the therapist provided, but the wrong approach can undo the treatment you just received or even cause pain. Although your massage therapist should always explain what you should do in the hours that follow your treatment, there are a number of universally acceptable ways to spend your time. Here are three important aftercare tips that will help you get the most out of your visit to the massage therapist.

Drink Lots Of Water

It's common to feel an urge to drink water after your massage -- and it's important to address this feeling by keeping hydrated. Drinking water after your session is valuable because your body is craving it. The hands-on nature of massage can actually push the water out of your tissues and send it on its way to your kidneys. As such, it's common to feel as though you need to go to the bathroom soon after the massage. Drinking water will replenish the liquid you lose during this process. There's no specific amount you should drink following your massage, but it's important to keep water on hand to avoid feeling thirsty.

Allow Time For Rest

One of the pleasures of having a massage is being able to rest afterward. As such, try not to avoid scheduling anything for the hours after your visit to the massage clinic. Your muscles will often feel tired after a massage, especially if they were severely knotted and the therapist needed to use a significant amount of pressure to help them relax. The manner in which you relax is up to you, but it's ideal to spend quiet time lying down at home. For this reason, many people schedule their massages at a time that they don't have to return to work and can travel straight home to rest.

Perform Some Stretches

A series of stretches after your massage can help your range of motion and further keep your muscles loose and feeling good. Your massage therapist will typically suggest some specific stretches that will suit your condition and your physical ability. Whatever muscles you choose to stretch, aim to hold each pose for about 30 seconds and always avoid pushing yourself to the point of pain. The stretch should cause a feeling of resistance but it should not hurt you.


30 December 2015

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