Breast Implants: Two Ways To See How You Will Look Before You Have Surgery

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When you are thinking about getting breast implants, it is a good idea to know what you will look like after the surgery is done. In the past, this was a difficult task, but now you have different products and services that can give you a great idea of how you will look with your implants.

Try Enhancement Bras

Wearing an enhancement bra is your first option to see how your bust line will change. These bras are made from different materials, but they are designed to help accentuate your bust line.

The first type is a simple padded bra that has foam inside of the cups. These bras give you a general idea of how your breasts will look at a bigger size.  

Another option is a water bra, which has a mixture of water and oil instead of foam in the cups. This mixture adds a little bit more weight to the bra. However, this weight can help your back, neck and shoulders adjust the change in size, as you get ready for the surgery.

You also have the ability to buy these enhancement bras in different sizes. This aspect is extremely helpful if you are not quite sure which size implant you want.

3D Imaging Option

Another way you can see the changes of the surgery before you have it is to find a surgeon that uses 3D imaging. This type of imaging allows the surgeon to make minor and major changes to a photo of any part of your body.

The imaging software does not just change the dimension of your breasts. This option allows the surgeon to show how the skin around your chest line will change as well. This can include how it will tighten around the neck area, the abdomen and even around the armpit region. The image is as close as the surgeon can get to what you will look like with any size implant without actually doing the surgery.

Additionally, if you are undecided about a specific size, the surgeon can create several images for you to look at and consider. By having the different images, you can get a better understanding of how your breasts will change and how your body changes in correlation to the different implant sizes.

Before you have a surgeon alter your breasts, it is a good idea to know how you will look. For this reason, enhancement bras and 3D imaging are a reliable way to see the final look and they will help you choose the right implant size for your body.


10 August 2015

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