Alternatives To Traditional Braces For Children

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Many children fight the idea of getting traditional metal braces due to the cosmetic appearance that accompanies this well known product. The problem is, orthodontists know that childhood is the best time to address any spacing or alignment issues with the teeth. Consequently, while children may be strongly opposed to the idea of having braces attached to their teeth, many orthodontists will be just as strongly insistent upon the need for these braces. The good news is, there are some alternatives to traditional braces that will allow children and orthodontists to compromise on this issue by addressing issues of spacing and alignment, but without the same "metal mouth" effect that many children fear. 


Invisalign is perhaps the most popular alternative to traditional braces. This is because this method works to straighten a child's teeth in a virtually invisible manner.

The way invisalign works is really quite simple. At the beginning of their treatment, a pair of clear plastic aligner trays is custom made for each patient. Each of these aligners is designed to move the patient's teeth a bit closer to the desired position. After wearing one aligner over their natural teeth for several weeks, the patient is given the next aligner in the series in order to keep their teeth progressing towards the desired position. By the time the patient makes it to the final aligner, any issues with spacing and alignment should be resolved.

In addition to the fact that invisalign offers a virtually invisible way of correcting tooth alignment issues, many patients also find this option to be far more comfortable than traditional braces. This is because there are no clips or wires used to secure the aligner trays in place. Instead, these aligners snugly fit over the natural tooth without the need for bulky hardware.

Clarity Braces

Clarity braces are a bit more like traditional braces, however, rather than using metal, these braces use a clear plastic combined with tooth colored ceramic in order to make them less noticeable.

Patients with the most severe spacing and alignment issues will often benefit greatly from the use of this alternative. This is because like traditional braces, clarity braces have the ability to be tightened and adjusted over time in order to allow for major changes with a tooth's placement. This is a task that is not possible through other alternatives, such as invisalign.

The only real disadvantage to choosing clarity braces is the fact that it can take a bit longer to achieve results using plastic rather than metal braces. Talk to experts like Pedodontics P.C. for more information.


16 March 2015

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