Learn How To Handle Tennis Elbow On Your Own

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As you age, you will start to notice aches and pains that you did not have when you were younger. A common pain that many people start to develop as they near middle age is tennis elbow. Tennis elbow occurs when the elbow joint is overused. The tendons in the elbow start to rip slightly and this causes pain to develop in the area. At the first sign of pain, you need to make changes in you daily life to alleviate some of the pain that you feel and lessen your chances of the paint becoming worse. Use the following guide to learn a few home remedies for treating the injury on your own:

Take a Break

Tennis elbow can be caused by anything that requires repetitive motion at your elbow joint. Take a break for a few days from anything that requires you to use the joint in a repetitive motion. Place ice on the injured area to help reduce inflammation and swelling. The tendons will be tender and the ice can help to numb some of the soreness at the same time.

Build Joint Strength

Once the few days have passed, you should be able to notice a difference in the way that you joint feels. Hold your arm out in front of you and use the hand from you opposite arm to bend your hand at the wrist up toward the sky and then down to the ground to stretch out the muscle. You can use a dumbbell to strengthen the muscle by standing up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the dumbbell down by your side and bend your hand in toward your body, curling the dumbbell upward. This will build muscles in your forearm and around your wrist and elbow joints.

Eat Well for Joint Health

Healthy joints start from within and eating a proper diet can make all the difference in the world. You need to eat a diet that is rich in calcium to ensure that your joints are as healthy and strong as they can be. Calcium can be found in dark greens, yogurts, cheese, and milk. Calcium supplements are also available for you to take on a daily basis, but you need to ask your doctor about the specific dosage that is right for you before starting any supplement regiment.

If you try these treatment methods for tennis elbow and see no improvement in the pain that you feel, you need to go to your doctor right away. You could need to have more serious treatments done to make sure that you do not have permanent damage to your elbow. The doctor will give you a through examination and determine what caused the injury and the best approach to take to treat it quickly and efficiently. You may need to contact a company like Hand Rehabilitation Specialists to learn more.


6 March 2015

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