4 Bizarre Products People Use To Slow Down The Effects Of Aging


Your skin is one of the organs that show your age best. If you have lusterless and wrinkled skin, then you look aged even if you are young. This is one of the reasons people have always looked for unique products to get rid of their symptoms of aging. Here are four bizarre skin care products that some people are using to maintain their younger-looking skins:

Poisonous Bacterium

Botox is used to slow down the symptoms of aging by ironing out facial wrinkle lines. Botox stands for botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The neurotoxin is so poisonous that Medical News Today estimates that a single gram of it can kill as many as one million people. Fortunately, only trace amounts of the poison are used in the preparation of cosmetic botox.

Available in different brand names, botox works by paralyzing the nerve cells that send signals to the muscles. When this happens, the muscles do not get the contraction instructions, effectively becoming paralyzed too. Paralyzed muscles cannot wrinkle, so your skin remains smooth.

Snake Venom

Botulinum toxin is not the only poison that has cosmetic benefits; another one is snake venom. Just like botox, snake venom cream contains trace amounts of a neurotoxin that "stuns" your skin into maintaining its shape, thus slowing down the effects of aging.

Before you go looking for a poisonous cobra to get rid of your wrinkles, note that the commercial versions of the treatment do not really come from snakes. Scientists have figured out a way of synthesizing the product in the laboratory.

Bird Droppings

It's not just poisons that people use in their attempts to stay young today. Bird droppings, (the real things, not synthesized products) are also being touted as skin beauty products. It is not clear why, but the bird of choice so far is the nightingale. The droppings are sterilized and used to exfoliate the skin.

Apparently, the active ingredient in bird droppings is the nucleobase guanine. The enzyme bleaches and exfoliates, leaving you with a smooth and young-looking skin.

Snail Slime

Did you know that snails can regenerate their shells when they are injured? In an effort utilize this great ability of the snail, some people have resorted to using snail slime as a cosmetic skin care product. The species of choice is the common garden snail Helix aspera. Apparently, it is the slime contains antioxidant and antibacterial secretions that do the trick. Those who believe in the treatment claim that it gets rids of skin blemishes such as acne and scars.

Have you used any of these cosmetic products? How well did they work for you? Before you try something new, talk to your dermatologist, like those at Advanced Laser and Skin Cancer, to find out if it is suitable for your skin.


31 December 2014

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